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talleres para cuidadores

 Our personal de trabajadores sociales ofrece una variedad de talleres cada mes educar a los cuidadores familiares y al público en general sobre cuestiones importantes relacionadas con el cuidado.

También estamos disponibles para presentar estos talleres a los miembros o empleados de organizaciones y empresas. Los temas incluyen:

  • Cuidado familiar 101
  • Desmitificando la demencia
  • Cómo hablar con un ser querido con demencia
  • Cuidar de los seres queridos cuando no son tan adorables
  • Lidiando con la ira
  • Cuidando al cuidador
  • Comunicación con los proveedores de atención médica
  • Y más…

Junio 2024

Communicating with People with Dementia

Monday, June 17th, 12pm-1pm¡pulse aquí para registrarse!

Dementia changes the way your loved one sees the world… and how they communicate with you and with others. You may feel confused, frustrated – even angry or upset.

Your feelings are normal! Join Caregiver Social Worker Michael Rublin, LMSW and Community Outreach Social Worker Charlene Tony, MSW to learn tips and best practices for communicating with someone who has dementia.

Julio 2024

Understanding Homecare Options

Monday, July 15, 12pm-1pm¡pulse aquí para registrarse!

If your loved one needs homecare, what are the options? Finding (and paying for) home health aide support can feel daunting, and there may be options out there that you haven’t explored.

Caregiver Social Worker Sue Roberts, LMSW will present on the homecare options available in New York State, including how to access Medicaid (even if you think your loved one won’t qualify).

Losing It (and Finding It Again): How Dementia Impacts the Caregiver

Tuesday, July 30th, 7pm-8pm – ¡pulse aquí para registrarse!

Caring for a loved one who has dementia affects the health of your body, spirit and brain. Let’s talk about those changes, and what we know about how to protect yourself!

Dasha Kiper, MA, Clinical Trainer at Renewal Memory Partners and the author of Travelers to Unimaginable Lands, will share her expertise on how dementia impacts caregivers – and what you can do to survive and even thrive in your caregiving journey. 

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